Tried Everything? Nothing Working?

Who This Coaching is For:

  • Tired of the Medical Merry-Go-Round?
  • Sick and Tired of the Chronic Aches and Pains?
  • Overwhelmed with all the Conflicting Advice?
  • Emotionally Done Living with Poor Health?
  • Over the Age of 35?


"Let me help you change the conversation. Permanently."

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What Makes This Different?

I Look at the Full Picture, and

I Don't Sell Sessions. I Foster Transformations.

Ambitions Audit

You can't simultaneously be great at everything. So let's get strategic. What do you really want? First we develop a clear picture of what that is and what will drive you to stay on track after the excitement of starting has passed.

Health Audit

Finding the major blind spots in your health helps us identify your knowledge gaps and key behaviors that will trigger the rest of your habits to begin falling into place. Knowing where you are is critical to developing an action plan.

Time Audit

Don't overestimate your capacity. Next we have to figure out how much time your new health habits are going to take and how we pull it off without crashing your schedule, willpower, productivity, or relationships.

Coaching is Booming. Sadly, with it comes the rise of “coaches” who simply dispense pre-packaged information and call it coaching. Such coaches may invite you to a Facebook group or even let you get on the phone to ask questions…but THAT IS NOT COACHING. Coaching means getting to know you on a deep level, listening to what you say and what you don’t say. Coaching means observing and understanding your unique challenges, asking insightful questions, and pointing out perspectives about you you’ve never seen. A real coach, coaches your mindset and helps you set clear and attainable action steps. A real coach does this in the context of your life in order for you to dramatically improve your life. What kind of coach are you looking for?

They Did It And So Can You


Lost 70 lbs. in 9 Months

Find out what a dozen different trainers were never able to teach her.

Reversed Diabetes at Age 65

Learn the mindset shift that turned around his health and surprised his doctor.

Lost 30 lbs. in a Few Months

Find out the one perspective that changed the game after 9 years of trying and failing to lose weight.

Body Fat Went From 17% to 8.8%

Find out how this busy father of 5 was able to heal his knees and back, and change his body composition.

It's Time Feel Like a New Person

You know that life you daydream about? That's what the real you wants, and THAT is what I want to help you find. You can get there, and we'll do it together.





In Six Months

I Will Help You...

  • Establish the Systems + Habits that Will Sustain Your Health for Decades
  • Discover and Organize an Eating Plan that Fits YOUR Body.
  • Overcome Pain and Injury Cycles so You Can Exercise for a Lifetime.
  • Learn How to Lose the Weight and Heal Your Body Naturally 
  • Improve Your Productivity, Sex-Life, Parenting, and Relationships
  • Put Your Health Habits on Auto-Pilot

You have adventures to live, a purpose to fulfill, great sex to have, and people that need you...but you're going to miss out if you don't get your health in order.

More Transformation Stories

"Christian brought a dialed-in approach to help me see the big picture, sequentially attack my goals, and thrive in all aspects of my life.


If you're going to work with a, don't walk to join him in what he's doing. He will be able to help you get to the next level of what you're seeking to accomplish."

Jonathon Smith

Business Owner, Div 1 Athlete, Husband, Father of Three

"I had come to accept living with daily pain and limited mobility in my back and knees as the price I had to pay for being a Marine. Within two months my back and knees stopped aching. Five years later the pain has not returned. 


I've been able to overhaul how I used to think and break old destructive patterns. Now my health supports my life goals instead of getting in the way.


If you need help where no one has been able to help before, I can't offer any better recommendation than to spend time with Christian."

David Gurfein

USMC Retired, CEO, Husband, Father

Ready to Get Started?

You're Not Getting Younger

Meet Your Coach:

You could call me a Natural Health Nerd, Personal Trainer, Real Food Fanatic, Health Coach, Barefoot Believer, Life Coach and Cowboys fan. My sweet spot is helping the busy parent or working professional in the middle third of life who needs help with their health but struggles to put all the pieces together.


I've been a personal coach for over 13 years. For nine years I owned and operated a holistic-health company for that grew to over 40 employees and included disciplines like Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition Counseling, MAT, Personal Training, Group Fitness and more.


I understand your struggles because I've lived them myself. You can hear more about my story and how I change lives by clicking here

Whole Human Guarantee

I'm Ready to Put My Money Where My Mouth Is. Are You?

You roll up your sleeves and I roll up mine. This is how you change your life and never go back to the old you. Show up for your sessions, put in the work, and I'll guarantee your transformation. If you complete the program, accomplish your agreed upon objectives, and don’t feel like it has delivered outstanding results, simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. Game on.

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